Terms & Conditions

Who Are We

Fighter Patrol (FP) is operated by Jasta Binks Aviation Ltd (JBA).  Registered Office: 4 Scorney, Fenstanton, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 9QG

What Will You Get

A voucher for one of the trial flight experiences as advertised on our website. This voucher is for one person for one flight*.  This voucher MUST be presented on the day that you undertake your trial flight experience.

You will also receive details on how to redeem the voucher, and directions to Derby Aero Club.

*[Group Bookings can be accommodated.  Please contact us to discuss this.]

Where Will You Fly

Whenever possible Trial Flights will take place from Derby Aero Club under the auspices of Derby Flying School.  The location for any flight will be agreed by JBA at the time of voucher purchase, however, this location can be changed without notice by JBA if operational requirements necessitate such change. JBA will, of course, notify a voucher holder of any such change and will use reasonable endeavours to arrange flights in an appropriate alternative location having regard to the original voucher detail.

When Can You Fly

The flying season usually runs from the beginning of March to the end of October.

Scheduled bookings cannot normally be made during the closed season (November to February inclusive). However, should good flying weather present itself, JBA may operate flights during this closed season on a short notice stand by basis. If you would like to fly during the closed season JBA will hold your details and availability on our stand by list and will contact you at short notice if operations are feasible.

No guarantee can be made as to availability of the activity on any particular day at any particular location.  JBA advise you to book as early as possible before your preferred date

Booking Your Flight

The recipient of the personalised voucher must contact JBA to book the date of their activity. A booking must be made within 3 months of the date of purchase of the voucher otherwise, not withstanding the period of validity of the voucher, the voucher will be forfeit. We always confirm bookings so if you forward your confirmation by post and hear nothing from us then please contact us by telephone. We can accept no liability for any booking confirmations which may be lost in the post.  Booking of flights is the responsibility of the voucher user.

The Weather

We cannot control the weather.  If the weather is unsuitable on the day you have booked, we will rebook your flight for an alternative date.  Refunds are not available.  The decision of the Pilot in charge on the day is final and not negotiable.

Operational Concerns

We will do our utmost to make your trial flight experience a memorable & happy experience, however operational concerns such as airfield constraints, pilot illness, aircraft serviceability, etc, might cause your flight to be rebooked for an alternative date, or in an alternative aircraft.  The decision of the Pilot in charge on the day is final and not negotiable.

Voucher User Restrictions

Maximum Weight:-
Tigermoth 18 stone/115KG

Maximum 6 foot 4 inches/195 centimetres
Minimum – at Pilots Discretion for operational safety only.

No Maximum.
Minimum: Parental Permission required for under 16’s.

Health, Fitness & Accessibility

The user will need to be agile enough to get in and out of the particular aircraft or equipment in use and must be medically fit enough to fly.

It is up to the voucher user to ensure they are fit to fly.  We are not medically qualified to give an opinion on this.

If the user has any doubts about medical fitness, they must consult their doctor prior to purchasing the voucher.

A user must not fly if they have any serious medical condition (including heart complaint, epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, high blood pressure, severe asthma, incontinence).

JBA will do their utmost to fly those with disabilities/reduced mobility provided that they will not compromise the safety of the aeroplane, the pilot and passenger. However given the nature of the activities undertaken, JBAs discretion is absolute. All serious medical complaints or disabilities must be disclosed when booking.   If we are unable to assist with a particular requirement, we may be able to recommend an organisation who can help.

Should any complaint of the nature outlined above present itself between the point of booking and the flight taking place the user has an absolute obligation to notify JBA immediately. Should such a complaint be revealed on the day of the flight JBA reserves the absolute right to refuse to undertake the flight with the user as passenger.

JBA reserves the right to request a medical certificate if necessary.

Appropriate Conduct

Any conduct on the ground or in the air which may jeopardise safety will result in the immediate cessation of the flight or refusal to carry the user as a passenger.

Intoxication/Drug Use

If the voucher user appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs the flight will be forfeited.

The Pilots Decision Is Final!

In all matters relating to passenger suitability the Pilots decision is final.

Financial or Consequential Loss

As stated above, the nature of flying means that on occasion a flight cannot be fulfilled due to operation constraints, weather conditions, pilot illness, insurance, requirements, legal constraints, airfield operations or any other  event/circumstance foreseen or unforeseen. The user appreciates that JBA will do

all it reasonably can to honour a flight on a particular day however JBA will accept no liability for any financial or consequential loss.

If travelling a long distance to take your flight you are advised to contact JBA for up to date information prior to departure

Voucher Purchase

All vouchers must be purchased from our website at

Vouchers are for one person, for one flight experience.

The voucher must be presented to us on the date that you undertake your flight experience.  No voucher, no flight.

By purchasing a voucher you agree on behalf of yourself or the person for whom the voucher is intended to be bound by these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Payment Methods

We only accept PayPal, cheque or BACS at the moment.


The voucher will be posted out by Recorded Delivery to the address of the payee. Vouchers will not be posted to alternative addresses.

Voucher Validity

Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing at the outset, all JBA vouchers are valid for 9 months from date of purchase.

Extension of Voucher

Vouchers can be extended any time in the last month of validity at JBA’s discretion subject to payment covering any price increases over and above original voucher cost and an extension fee (Currently £25).  This extension will be for a maximum of three months and the voucher can only be extended once.

Transferring the Voucher

As all J.B. Aviation vouchers are personalised to the individual recipient.  In exceptional circumstances a transfer may be arranged, however transferring the voucher to a new recipient will incur a transfer fee (currently £25). The new recipient must sign & accept these terms & conditions. The transfer is at the discretion of JBA.

Resale Policy

The voucher may not be resold to a third party.  If this happens the voucher will be forfeited.

Refund Policy

Vouchers are personalised and not normally refundable. *(Unless they are returned within 14 days of purchase)

Exchange Policy

You may be able to exchange your voucher for a different type of flight from JBA, but you will need to pay any difference in the cost. Refunds will not be given if the chosen activity is cheaper than the original purchase.


If you book a flight and do not turn up, or if you turn up late and miss your slot, you are not entitled to rebook or refund.

If you cancel due to unforeseen ill health a partial refund may be available on production of a Drs letter.  If this is a pre-existing condition no refund will be made.

Changing Your Booking

Once you have booked your flight experience date you may find it necessary to reschedule.

Please note we require at least 7 days notice to make any amendments to the date or time.

The maximum number of amendments by you to the booking is 2.  After that you must either use the voucher on the next offered flight or it will be forfeited.  If you find yourself permanently unable to fly we urge you to consider transferring the voucher to a friend/family member.

There is no charge for rescheduling due to inclement weather.

No charge for one change if more than 4 weeks before booked activity date.

A small fee (currently 10% process fee) if the activity date is changed once less than 4 weeks before the booked activity date. This additional sum to be paid at the point of confirmation of change.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss arising from any delay or cancellation of the activity.

On The Day

Prior to travelling to the airfield Participants must telephone us to ensure that weather/operational conditions are suitable for the flight to take place.

Participants should wear casual clothing and flat, practical enclosed footwear.  You are invited to bring gloves with you if it is a cold day.

JBA will provide a flying jacket, head set & goggles.

Loose articles must be left on the ground.

All items left at the owners risk and for this reason we recommend you do not bring valuables.

You will meet with & receive a full briefing from your Instructor.  Please note for operational reasons this briefing may be given either individually or to a small group of voucher users.  Spectators are not permitted at the briefing.

Flight Times are calculated as “chocks-off to chocks on”.


Spectators are welcome although the bulk of the action takes place away from the airfield. The Spectators will of course be on a live airfield and are expected to abide by all byelaws and regulations thereon. On no account will spectators be allowed ‘air side’, by attending the spectators agree to follow all directions given by JBA and airfield personnel. Animals are prohibited on most airfields.*

*[Derby Aero Club welcome friends & families. Well behaved dogs are permitted (as long as they are kept on a lead).  Refreshments are not on sale, however you are most welcome to bring a picnic with you.  Picnic tables are usually available. Please do not allow your spectators to bring kites or footballs to the airfield.  Inappropriate behaviour by spectators will result in them being asked to vacate the premises immediately. ]

JBA reserves the right to modify these terms & conditions should the  need arise.

All information provided by JBA remains copyright of JBA and may not be reproduced or disseminated without the consent of the copyright owner.


If after reading these Terms & Conditions you still have questions, please consult our FAQ’s, or contact us, BEFORE making your booking.  Thank You.

Contact details

Telephone: 07703 649582