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“Very Highly recommended for anyone thinking of taking a flight in this way.  It could not be bettered”

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On Friday 26th September I took my first trip to Derby Airfield to fly with ‘Jasta Binks’ on Mission One, which involves flying in a Tiger Moth along-side a near perfect replica Fokker Triplane.

My wife and I were greeted by a very friendly and welcoming team, who couldn’t do enough to ensure we had an exceptional day.  There was none of the rush or hurry associated with similar experiences and the little touches and attention to detail such as RFC briefings in a field tent, with near authentic uniforms and flying clothing made all the difference. It’s a cliché, (but none-the-less true for that) in that nothing was too much trouble for the entire team at Derby Airfield.

As far as the flight is concerned, everything exceeded my expectations and I do not exaggerate when I say I was in a little bubble of ecstasy from the moment we took off until many days later. (In fact it still hasn’t worn off!) To fly in a Tiger Moth in itself was a great thrill, but to be in the air with the Fokker, in true Red Baron livery, was the realisation of a boyhood dream that I struggle to find words to adequately describe how marvellous the whole experience was.

The hosting and organisation of Paul Ford and his team was genuinely first class.  The experience is not the cheapest Tiger Moth flight on the Market but, in my opinion, it offers the best value for money and is well worth every penny.

Very Highly recommended for anyone thinking of taking a flight in this way.  It could not be bettered.

David Griffiths

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Incredible Time

Two very kind gentlemen made it possible for the experience of a life time.

Being in a Tiger Moth alone is wonderful but having the opportunity of a fantastic trial flight (lesson) formation following a WW1 Fokker Dr.I  and doing different styles-manoeuvres from the moment of take to seeing and feeling it all so close up, living in the moment is exhilarating, the gentle wind blowing a round you so refreshing and wonderful, whilst feeling like going back in time in history; what a historic flight that can only be described as awesome. It has to be experienced first hand to be believed as it is so wonderful to correctly describe. There is not enough thanks in the world I could give for this Sky is the limit opportunity.

Thank you so much for this awesome experience

Michael Miklos