All Fighter Patrol trial flights & ab initio flight training will take place by appointment at Derby Aero Club & Flying School, courtesy of Martin & Margaret Jones & their wonderful family.  Due to the complex nature of the trial flights we will not be operating on an ad-hoc basis, therefore all trial flights will be by prior arrangement only.


Gift Vouchers are available from Fighter Patrol online, they make great Christmas Presents, you might say The Ultimate Christmas Present.  Trial Flights in a vintage Tiger Moth can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities; whether you want a gentle sortie into the skies over Derbyshire, or a thrilling adrenaline charged mission leaving you breathless and exhilarated!

An Introduction To Derby Airfield

A warm welcome awaits you at Derby Airfield, courtesy of The Jones family, and their first rate facilities & enlightened approach to business, however, as stated above, Fighter Patrol trial flights are by prior arrangement only.

We first met The Jones Family at an LAA Rally, at Sywell. Their enthusiasm, passion , commitment and positive approach to aviation was a joy to behold.

Just like us, they risked everything to make their dreams come true – but they risked – and have achieved – so much more, it is difficult to know where to start…

Martin Jones decided to turn a hobby into a business and gave up a well paid job in Industry, to set up from scratch a dream. In 1982 he set up Airspeed Aviation as a CAA approved maintenance company.

After many years of hard work, not to mention a huge financial commitment, Martin & Margaret Jones are now the justifiably proud owners of their very own airfield, flying school and maintenance facility!

Amy Johnson’s Comet Racer “Black Magic”

In addition to this, they are also restoring Amy Johnson’s DH88 Comet Racer to a flyable condition! This incredible undertaking took our breath away. The workmanship – mainly being done by volunteers – is outstanding. A vast amount of help is needed to realise the dream of seeing Black Magic getting back into the air once again. Anyone who is interested in the project would be most welcome to get in touch with them, make a donation, offer assistance or perhaps become a member.  (After completion of the restoration all members will automatically be entered into a draw to win a flight in Black Magic).


For further information and contacts visit

Airspeed Aviation owns the Derby Aero Club & Flying School and operates Derby Airfield, which is owned by the Jones’s. A real family business, really friendly people, superb training standards, how flying should be!

History of Derby Aero Club

The Derby Aero Club and Flying School was originally formed in 1987 to provide flying training and aircraft hire from the original Derby Airfield at Burnaston.

The School and Club grew very quickly to be one of the largest clubs in the UK. However, due to the loss of Burnaston Airfield in 1990 to an unnamed Japanese car factory, the Club was forced to relocate.

Now, on its own airfield, only two miles from Burnaston, the Club continues to grow in size, experience and strength.

Learning To Fly At Derby Airfield

The Derby Aero Club is the ideal place to learn to fly with many advantages over other flying schools.

Firstly, the owners of Derby Aero Club own and operate their own airfield. This means that everything is directed towards your training requirements. There is no other traffic. Flying training is the main operation.

Secondly, the airfield is outside controlled airspace, offering unrestricted access to flying with no chance of delay caused by priority given to commercial airliners or other traffic such as gliding or parachuting.

There are three runways allowing for take off and landing into wind, or nearly so, regardless of the wind direction.

Derby Aero Club is a CAA Approved and Registered Flying Training School, with in-house CAA Approved Examiners.

Finally, there are no landing fees at Derby for club aircraft.

All these features enable you to get the best from your flying time.

For those wishing to obtain their PPL or other ratings, the Derby Aero club & Flying School offers a complete aviation service ‘in house’ with its own instructors, examiners and engineers.

The club operates its own maintenance facility. Routine servicing on Club aircraft is scheduled so that the aircraft are where they should be, ready for use.

The Derby Aero Club offers PPL and many other flying training courses plus aircraft hire and aircraft maintenance at very competitive rates.

Flying training is carried out in a friendly club atmosphere by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors who are totally dedicated to helping you achieve the highest standards in flying. By the time you obtain your PPL you will be a safe, competent pilot with a good basis from which to develop your flying career. More advanced training is available for pilots wishing to progress commercially.

As a mark of recognition, the Derby Aero Club won the top national award, the Lennox-Boyd Trophy, for efficiency and contributions to flying training.

The Derby Aero Club also has an energetic social committee which organises an active social calendar of events.

Flying Training Courses Available

  • The Derby Aero Club and Flying School is currently able to offer the following courses;
  • The Private Pilots Licence (JAR)
  • The National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL)
  • Instrument Meteorology Rating (IMC)
  • Night Rating
  • Radio Telephony Licence (RT)
  • Flying Instructor Rating (FIC) (coming soon)
  • Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) (coming soon)
  • PFA Coaching
  • Differences Training
  • Tailwheel conversions
  • Safety Pilots Courses
  • AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate (RadNav)
  • Aerobatic Courses
  • The Derby Aero Club and Flying School is a CAA registered and approved flying training school.

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